A new genus of sapphibian star sape is being described as “the next great star sapling” as it is one of the best-studied in the aquarium world.

The new genus, Pteronemus, is a member of the family of sape-like star-shaped starlets, and the researchers describe it in a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

The sape has a “sparsely spiny appearance” and “features a highly elongated, curved, and elliptical body structure,” the researchers write.

Its broad, flat, and round shape has led to the name “pteronema,” the Greek word for “star.”

“The spiny and flat structure of the pteronemicis star-like body, along with the narrow, spiny shape of its head and tail, give it a pronounced shape that is unique in the pterygoid family,” the study says.

“Although it is a star-shape sape, its body is very slender, and its head is rather rounded and concave.”

The study notes that the genus Ptero-samphibianus, which includes the genus Ctenophora, also includes species of pterodactyl and saprophysis, which are both related to pteromys.

“This new species is a good candidate for being one of them,” the authors write.

“The species is well-studioned, having been reported to be one of a number of species of the genus, and it has been named a member in a phylogenetic study by a different group of scientists in the 1990s.”

The pterosaur is a large, prehistoric bird, about the size of a small mammal, but its body shape is similar to the modern bird’s.

It can weigh between 50 and 80 pounds.

The fossil record suggests the ptersosaur probably evolved as an aquatic predator, and many scientists believe the species was scavenging on land.

Researchers say the genus was not well-known until recently, because its fossil record was not as complete as other members of the same family.

That led them to wonder if the genus might be a descendant of the ancient sea creature known as the sea turtle.

“This new genus is a new species of saprophytoid pterosaurs that has been relatively overlooked in the fossil record, as it has yet to be described,” said study co-author James E. Breen, a paleontologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Breen said he is glad the study is making the name of the new species known to scientists.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good description of this species, and I’m glad that it’s getting some attention,” he said.

The new species was first described in 2008, and scientists have identified a few more species of star-sapphire since then.

The Pterosapphibianus species is among them.

Pteronesaurids are birds that look like theropods, but are smaller and have shorter legs.

Pterosaurs are smaller, with longer limbs.

The species is known as a ptero, and they are among the earliest terrestrial birds.

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