We’re all about finding the best and rarer gems in the world.

But what do we actually know about them?

We’re going to break it down and explain the basics so you know what you’re looking at when you look for a gem.

Read moreRead moreRead full Polygon storyA gem is a gemstone that is made of precious stones, mostly diamonds, which are found in the Earth’s crust and minerals of the Earth.

These minerals can be mined, and the more gems there are in a certain area, the more valuable they are.

So what’s the difference between a gem and a mineral?

There’s a lot of overlap between these two, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

A gemstone is made up of a mixture of elements, and is often referred to as a gem-like substance.

A mineral is an element that is naturally occurring in a rock or rock formation.

For example, diamonds contain many elements, like carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, silicon, iron and other elements that help to make them.

There are also other elements, called minerals, that make up the gemstones that are usually referred to.

These elements are also found in other minerals, such as sand, limestone, and some minerals that are found on land.

A gem is made out of the elements that are naturally present in the rock.

In order to be a gem, you need to have certain characteristics.

A natural gemstone has a specific pattern that is unique to it, and a gem has a more defined pattern that has a characteristic of it, called a gem mineral.

A diamond is an example of a gem; diamonds are found naturally on the Earth, and have a certain pattern.

A lot of the time, the gemstone pattern is very similar to the natural diamond pattern.

However, there are some gems that have patterns that are completely different from natural diamonds.

A lot of gemstones can also have very different shapes.

For example, a sapphill, or a ruby safflestone, can have a flat, or rounded form.

A ruby is a very rare gem that can have any shape.

If you are looking for a ruby, you may want to search for an antique ruby, or even a rare diamond.

If your search for a rare gem is unsuccessful, you can usually just go for a more common gem like a sawn-off diamond or even one of the more common pearls.

A good ruby will have the same gem mineral as a lot more common gems, so it’s easy to find one.

The next element to look for is the color.

A stone that has been cut, polished, or polished up will have a very light color that looks almost like a ruby or even an emerald.

If it has a white color, that’s the same color as a ruby.

The best stones will have an extremely deep color that has the appearance of being a dark, yellow or red gemstone.

Some gems can have very bright colors, but they can also be very dark.

This can be a problem for gem hunters who want to find gems with very clear colors, like an emery or sapphi.

Some rare gems are also called sapphat stones, which is a term that comes from the word sapphas, which means bright and shiny.

If the gem has this characteristic, it’s probably not a gem at all.

The color of a stone depends on the environment it was cut, and how it was polished.

Most stones that you find on the street or the ground will have some sort of stone color.

However with the exception of gem stones, there’s not a huge difference in the color of rocks and stones that are in the ground.

If a stone is cut and polished up, the color will change slightly, but that’s mostly because of the heat that the stone absorbs when it’s heated up.

It will become darker, but still be a beautiful white.

It can also take a bit of time to get the stone to the correct color, so the first time you look at a gem stone, you might not know what color it is.

So how do you find a gem?

Some gems are easily found, but some are harder to find.

You can find a lot if you’re a serious gem hunter.

You’ll also find a ton of gems on eBay or a lot at flea markets.

You’re going be searching a lot, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive or difficult of gems to find, as it’s just about finding gems that are worth finding.

If you’re still searching for a nice gemstone, try searching for one with the same name as your favorite movie, song, or other popular gem.

This will usually give you a better chance at finding a gem that has some similarities to the gem you’re searching for.

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