I think Apple Watch3 has a lot going for it, but it also has a few problems.

The biggest one being the watch faces.

The Apple Watch faces look amazing.

I’m sure there are some people who will be disappointed that there aren’t any new faces.

However, the fact that Apple’s design team chose to keep the same faces that were on the iPhone 7 Plus is pretty stunning.

Apple Watch’s new face design has been designed to look like a traditional watch face, but with more functionality than the old designs.

The new faces have the same look as a regular watch face.

The colors are pretty good, with a slightly warmer, brighter hue to match the colors on the watch.

However the icons are a bit different from the Apple Watch designs of the past.

They’re more simplistic and have less of a visual impact.

You can still see the traditional Apple Watch icons on the Apple watch faces, but there are more subtle icons like a heart, time, and date on the new Apple watch face design.

The heart, for example, is still the same as it was on the old Apple Watch.

It’s a slightly more complicated symbol, but this is probably a good thing for some people.

The Date is a much simpler icon.

Instead of being surrounded by a heart and date, it’s a small circle that’s surrounded by three lines.

I like this more than the previous Apple Watch icon because it’s simpler, but the Date is still a bit confusing.

The two new Apple Watches have slightly different faces for the heart and time, as well as the date and heart icons.

They also have different colors and a different shape.

The first two Apple Wathes are white, and the third is black.

The white Apple Watch has a slightly darker tone, while the black Apple Watch is darker.

I don’t think I’ll be able to tell the difference between the two new designs, but I think this is more a matter of personal preference.

I personally prefer the black design because it has more of a vintage feel to it.

The second new Apple Wear watch face has a much more modern design.

It has a darker, less vintage look to it, which is more appealing to me.

However I don,t think this design is as good as the other design.

Instead, I like the new design better because it blends in with the colors of the watch band.

The design of the new faces is pretty standard, but some of the features are a little different.

Like the Apple Watchers colors, the Apple logo is a little more colorful on the white Apple watch, while on the black and black Apple watch the logo is very subtle.

The Watch faces have different watch bands, and some have different straps.

The black band has a smaller buckle that can be removed to make room for more straps.

Apple’s Watch bands can be a little tight on older Apple Watch models, so I’m not sure how this new design will work with older Apple Waths.

However with a new Apple band, there should be no issues with the watch bands not being able to fit in the watch, as they will be tightly closed.

I really like the watch designs on the older Apple watch bands.

However this is the only design I have complaints with.

For the most part, the new designs are nice and clean, but they lack the look of the old watch designs.

Some of the colors may not be as bright as the old styles, and I’m still not quite sure how they look on the Watch, so they’ll need to be tweaked.

The bands look like Apple Watch bands that were made by another company.

This is unfortunate because the Apple bands have the exact same design as the Apple watches that we use.

However there are a few differences between the bands.

One is the way the bands are made.

The newer Apple bands use plastic.

The old Apple bands were made of leather.

The former Apple bands also had a rubber strap that was used for strap retention, but that strap was not made from leather.

So, if you have an older Apple band and want a new one, the newer Apple band will be better.

This also doesn’t seem to be a major issue for many people.

However for those of you who have used the old style Apple bands, there are plenty of older Apple bands that are still available, and they will not be affected by the new watch bands design.

However if you’re a hardcore Apple Watch fan, there will be a slight difference.

The other minor design complaint I have with the new face designs is that they have different sizes.

For example, the black band on the newer iPhone 7s is smaller than the black bands on the previous models, but still slightly larger than the Apple Apple Watch design.

If you’ve got a bigger wrist, you may notice a difference between these two new design, but if you’ve never worn an Apple Watch, you probably won’t notice anything.

That said, the bigger bands