Sapphire Secure Internet Security, the secure VPN and VPN appliance for Mac OS X, is available now for download and for download in the App Store for $39.99. 

The service is powered by a highly secure 256-bit AES 256-channel VPN and SSL tunnel, a custom Ruby and Sapphire VPN server, and an external SSL certificate. 

Sapphire Secure is one of the best-reviewed VPNs for Macs.

Sapphires Secure VPN provides the best security and performance possible in a secure and highly configurable VPN environment. 

It also supports the latest standards such as the AES 256 channel VPN, 256- and 384-bit SSL VPN, SSL encryption, and SSL VPN tunnel support. 

Its also supported by a full suite of advanced features such as multi-stage encryption and a comprehensive DNS and IPv6 configuration, plus a free app-installer to quickly and easily setup a custom VPN server. 

A complete list of features can be found in the Sapphire Secure website.

A video of Sapphire Secure explaining its features can also be found here.

Security issues aside, Sapphire Secure is the perfect VPN to help protect your privacy and ensure your identity online.

It offers an all-in-one VPN for Mac, Windows, and Linux, plus several other Mac and Windows apps, as well as an advanced app-store for the security community.

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