Posted November 08, 2018 14:34:09 If you’re in Sydney this week and are interested in buying a home or a flat in the region, the Sapphire Property Council is on a bit of a high, announcing that new listings are coming online.

A number of listings on The Real Estate website have already been put up, and while we’re not expecting any new deals to start hitting the market, we can at least expect some exciting new properties.

New listings on the site include a two bedroom apartment for $2,800 in Westmead, a two bed house for $1,600 in the central west of the city, and a two-bedroom townhouse in Westfield for $4,800.

A number of apartments are available in Sydney’s inner west, including a two room townhouse for $3,200, a three bedroom townhouse with views for $5,000, and an apartment with two bedrooms for $6,000.

The prices on the sites are based on average market values across the region.

You can see the new listings on this site here, and the current listings on Facebook and Instagram.