The ring that was once an Olympic gold medalist has been given a royal makeover by a Montana jeweler who said he’s “very, very proud” of the product.

The Montana sappy ring, made by renowned jeweler James Miller, was a national treasure during the 2008 Olympics when it was unveiled to the nation.

The ring’s silver-tipped design and gold trim are all new.

Miller told CNN that the ring has been redesigned and will have a gold trim and a rose gold ring that will be worn by a royal couple.

Miller said the new design is meant to make the ring more timeless.

“I want people to look back on this ring and they can see how it came to be, because it is not just about the ring.

It’s about the history of the world,” Miller said.

“It’s about our nation and how we came to the place we are today.”

Miller, who is the chief designer of the U.S. Olympic gold-medal winning Team USA, said he decided to make a royal-looking ring in part to honor the gold medal winning Olympic medallists and to “honor the families and people of the state of Montana.”

The Montanas ring will be made in Montana by the award-winning Miller Jewelers in Silverton, Montana, the Montana Sapper, and will be presented to a royal wedding in the coming weeks.

The ring is not expected to be worn for the royal wedding because it will have no significance, but Miller said it will “give the ring a little more meaning” and “feel a little bit special.”

Miller said he made the ring because he is proud of the gold-winning ring that he was awarded during the Olympics.

The gold medal-winning medal was a silver-colored diamond, with a diamond logo on the outer edge of the ring, and a silver and gold crown around the circumference of the outer rim.

Miller and his wife, Linda, are married and have two children.

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