We’ve seen a few of the S8’s bigger features in the past couple of months, like a front-facing fingerprint scanner, but there’s still a lot to see in the world of smartwatches.

Today, the latest addition to Samsung’s smartwatch lineup is a curved screen that’s not as sharp as the Samsung Gear S6, but has an almost seamless curved screen effect that’s better than most phones out there.

The S8 has a curved display because it’s curved, which means the edges of the screen don’t slide around on the sides.

Samsung has been working on curved screens since 2015, and the curved displays in the S series are a big part of the company’s strategy.

It’s not the only Samsung smartwatch with curved screens, either.

We also have the Samsung Watch Sport, the Gear Fit 2, and now the Gear S8, which also has curved edges.

The Gear S9 is currently the only smartwatch that’s curved.

The curved edges of all the curved watches we’ve seen are very sharp, which is why you can wear them with your eyes closed and have your eyes on the screen.

Samsung says the curved screen will be available in different sizes, and it’s available in several colors.

It comes in a few different sizes and colors: the S9 in white and blue, the S10 in red and white, the Galaxy S10 Plus in gold and silver, and a black version that you can purchase for $350.

We already reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note8, but Samsung has added curved displays to its latest smartwatch, so it’s a smartwatch in its own right.

We’ve also seen a curved S-series smartwatch from Samsung in the form of the Samsung Smart Watch 3, which comes with a curved glass screen that you swipe over to see the time and date, and also a smart contact sensor.

We’ll be testing out all of the new curved Samsung watches in the coming weeks.

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