Samsung has announced that its smart watches will no longer be sold in India under its existing brand, SGS.

The company said the decision came after it received complaints from users who wanted to return to its earlier watches. 

“We are pleased to announce that SGS is no longer available in India,” the company said in a statement on Thursday. 

This was not a surprise to us. 

We have been working with our partners to develop our products and we have a strong relationship with them, Samsung said.

“In the long run, we believe it would be best for consumers to return back to Samsung’s original watches and to our customers.” 

We are also working on the next generation of our watches and we are committed to creating an innovative product that offers a wide range of features, Samsung added. 

Samsung is no stranger to the smartwatch business.

Its Gear Live smartwatch was launched in the US earlier this year, and its Gear Fit smartwatch, launched in India earlier this month, was a big hit with customers.

The smartwatch has been a hit in the country and is being rolled out in other countries. 

In its announcement, Samsung cited the fact that the smart watch is more secure than any other smartwatch. 

The company also said that the watches would come in three variations.

The first will be a more traditional watch with an Android Wear smartwatch OS, the second will be an affordable Android Wear watch that will cost between $40 and $50 and the third will be Samsung’s first smartwatch with a built-in smartwatch app. 

 Samsung also said it was exploring the idea of making smartwatches available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, though it has yet to make any firm plans. 

There will be two versions of the smartwares, and the first, the Gear Live, will have a $40 price tag.

The second will come in at $50, with the Gear Fit costing $60 and the Gear Wear+ costing $80.

The Gear Live will come with a smartwatch built-ins like GPS, notifications and voice recognition. 

One of the big reasons that Samsung’s Gear Live was so successful is because it has an Android interface.

The other is because the smart watches in the store are all built using Samsung’s own apps, Samsung also said. 

Now, Samsung is making smart watches for consumers that will be more secure, feature richer, and be more affordable. 

However, the company has made it clear that it does not want to be seen as being a platform for people to make smartwears that do not meet its standards. 

On the other hand, the fact the smartware will be offered in India will give Samsung the opportunity to tap into the smartphone market in a way that has not been possible in the past.

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