NEW YORK — New York-based jewelry maker Diamonds &Co. has unveiled a new crown design that it says will be the “jewel of the future,” offering a stunning color palette for its latest collections.

The crowns, which are being manufactured in Brooklyn, include a pink-and-white version and an orange-and of course, pink.

It’s available in a variety of colors, including a muted purple and white.

The new crowns are not just a fashion statement.

They are also an essential piece for those who wear them everyday.

The company has been developing the crowns for more than five years, and it will be available in the fall.

They will be made in-house at the Brooklyn facility, and will be priced accordingly, Diamonds CEO Richard S. Friedman said in a statement.

While the crown may not be the most expensive jewel in the world, the crown has an impressive history.

In 2009, it won the International Diamond Jubilee Design Award, which is given to the most innovative design of a diamond or gemstone.

The crown was also honored in 2011 by the New York City Design Museum, and the crown was chosen by design critic Richard Serra as one of the top 20 jewelry designs in the country.

The company is currently in the process of redesigning the crown.

“The crown is a piece of art and a jewel, so we wanted to make it accessible and affordable to anyone who wanted to have one,” Friedman said.

Diamonds &amps;Co., which is also known as the Diamond Institute, sells a range of jewelry, including the diamonds in the crown, as well as rings and bracelets, bracelets and earrings, and bracelet necklaces.

It is part of the global Diamond Association, which promotes quality diamonds.

As for the pink-orange crown, it was created by artist and jewelry designer Dina Pappas.

Sapphire is an emerald green that is often used in jewelry, and this one was inspired by the pink and orange color palette of the gemstone, according to Diamonds’ marketing director, Kristina Fuhrer.

There is a special color scheme that is unique to the new crown that is based on the color palette and the style of the designer,” Friedman told The New York Times.

This crown design is very affordable and affordable enough that it can be worn for many people, he added.

One of the crown’s most distinctive features is its unique shape, which was inspired from the shape of the diamond’s center.

The color palette is also a statement, Fuhrrer said.

The new design will go on sale in September for $3,500, with a size of 16-carat.

The New York company has also launched an online store for the new designs, as is standard practice for jewelry companies.

The online shop will feature a wide range of accessories and accessories that can be purchased in the store, such as bracelets that feature an emeral green diamond, as an option.

Friedman said that the crown is not a novelty item for most people.

He noted that it will sell for a much lower price than the traditional diamonds and emeralds, and he hopes that the color can appeal to the average consumer.

He said that customers can also purchase the crown in the online store and at retail, and they will be able to see all the details about the new design.

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