There are two versions of ‘season 3’ that will be airing on MTV on Monday, and it’s all based on the same basic concept. 

The first is the two-part season that aired in 2018 and which saw the cast reunite for their very first TV appearance in a series called ‘Bachelorette’.

The second, which will premiere on April 10, is a four-part TV series that will focus on the cast as they embark on their ‘real’ life, which has a much more serious undertone than what’s in the trailer. 

It’s all pretty similar, and the only thing you need to know is that they will be making their first TV show since ‘The Bachelorettes’ in 2019. 

The Bachelor franchise has been around for six seasons, and has been produced by ABC Studios since 1996. 

So it makes sense that there would be two seasons, but that this time around they’re using the two best versions of the franchise. 

What are the differences between season 3 and season 2? 

The most obvious difference is that the cast members of season 3 will be re-united for the first time since ‘Bail’ in 2018. 

That’s because of a bit of an accident in the first episode of season 2, where the Bachelor cast was caught in the middle of a massive fire, and were forced to flee from a burning house. 

As a result, the writers decided to have their cast go to the hospital and reunite. 

When asked if there would ever be a second season, the producers told EW that they didn’t think there would. 

“We’re a team, we’re all a team,” said co-creator Rob Gans, who will return to direct the series.

“We’re all on the show together.

But if we have another season of Bachelor, it would have to be different.

I would love to do that again, but it would probably take us a little longer to make a new one.” 

The new season of the Bachelor will also include a new host and new contestants, so the cast is already looking a lot different than they did in the original series. 

And that is why season 3 has the ‘first’ host, and ‘Bender’ as the new host. 

Are there any big changes to the show? 


Season 3 will see the Bachelor get back together with their Bachelor partner, and will feature the return of the cast’s favourite Bachelor ever, Anna Faris, as the ‘New Bachelor’. 

The show is also being renewed for a fifth season, which is going to take place in 2021. 

Will there be a reunion for the ‘Pax Americana’ episode? 

No, there will not be a big reunion of the ‘new Bachelor’ and ‘old Bachelor’.

“Pax America’ is a different kind of show that we don’t do anymore,” said Gans.

“It was a show that I had worked on, and I felt like it was a fun, funny, smart show that people were into, but I don’t think people will get tired of it.” 

So there’s no need to re-hash that story, right? 


“There’s definitely going to be a little bit of a reunion, and that’s what I was going to say to people when I said that we had a lot of different people involved,” Gans added. 

This will be the third time the show has gone to the small screen in the last few years, with last year’s season 2 being the first to make it to the big screen. 

Is it all going to get a bit more serious than it was in season 1? 

Of course. 

Gans is a fan of the show, and said he was very proud of the characters that they created in season 2. 

While he said that there were “some characters that you have to love”, he added that he was not sure whether there would have been a lot more of the “bond-breaking stuff” in season 3. 

I would say that it’s the same characters we saw in season two, but in a more serious, real way. 

You can catch the first season of season 1 on MTV. 

Follow all the latest news and reviews at MTV News.

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