The ‘Biggest Home Ever Built in the United States’ is a home that sits atop a hilltop in northern Colorado, built to the specifications of the likes of John C. Calhoun, a former president who died in 1839.

The house is so big it can seat 12 people and can be expanded to accommodate guests.

And that’s not all: it was built in only four years.

The house was named the “Biggest House in the World” in 2013 by the Colorado Avalanche Hockey Club, which has hosted a championship series of the Avalanche since 2002.

It was built by the local family that built the hilltop home, and they are now looking to donate it to the University of Colorado at Boulder.

“The house is the biggest house ever built.

It’s an honor to have that honor, to have this honor,” owner Bill Dolan told ABC News.

“It’s going to be a great gift to students.”

The house has an exterior that is made of red granite, and is covered in a white siding, which the Dolan family says adds to its charm.

They say the siding is the only piece of white in the house, which also includes a custom-made fireplace.

The house sits on top of a hill that overlooks a lake.

There is a lake in the back of the house and the entire interior of the home is covered with a glass ceiling.

The family is currently renovating the house.

There are plans to renovate the entire house, but Dolan says they are not planning to go out and buy a new house.

The Denver Post reports that the house was donated to the university in 2008 and was originally built by a man named John Calhoun.

The first house built on the hillside was built just five years after Calhoun died, according to the Post.

The Colorado Avalanche hockey club has donated the “biggest house in the world” to the school, and the team is looking to use the home as a classroom.

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