As she heads to Buckingham Palace for her final days in the royal household, Prince Philip is preparing to give a last performance at a concert at the National Theatre.

“We’ve got a great team behind us, a great, very talented group of people,” the Queen told the audience during a special ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall.

“I’m absolutely confident that we will have a wonderful show, I’m absolutely sure of that.”

The Royal Opera is scheduled to open its UK tour in September, and will have its first performances in the UK on March 1.

But there’s no word on whether the Royal Shakespeare Company will have any more productions planned for 2019, or even if it will continue to play in the United Kingdom after the tour wraps up.

“They are a wonderful company and we’ll see what happens,” Prince Philip told the Royal Gazette.

“And that’s just one of the things I’m doing in my spare time to make sure that they’re doing well.”

The Queen, who has been on the throne for just over two years, has said she would “absolutely” welcome more opportunities to play with her royal cast mates in the country.